What we do

What we do

Some of the services we assist our Seniors with include….


The below mentioned are what we are providing at the moment. We are working on adding more facilities to our services and will update as we add them.

Financial assistancce

To help cover cost of living with rents, food and clothing.


We also assist with providing clothing and bed linen as per seasonals changes.

Food hampers

From time to time we provide food hampers.

Volunteers support

Our lovely volunteers assist with regular visits, meal preparations and grooming.

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Services we are working on adding in the near future

A few of the services we are working on adding and providing to our elderly are are below but not limited to these.

Sponsor a Parent program

We are working on Adopt a Parent program so we can find each member a Sponsor.

Mobility facilities

Setting up fundraisers to provide mobility facilities like wheel chairs, clutches, etc as per the members requirements.

Hearing aids

We are also working on ways to fundraise for any members needing hearing aids and regular hearing checks.


A regular fund raising will be in place to accomodate the needs of those members in need of eye-care and accessories.

Mobile phones

We are in the process of setting up regular recharge for members mobiles and those who have no mobiles we run a fundraise to provide them with a basic mobile phone for emergency contact.

Comfortable beds

On our list to do is provide our members with comfortable and clean sleeping arrangements as in beds and bed linens.

Act of Caring is all about caring for the elderly.

Their youth was our past and future, let us make our youth their present and future!
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