Love, care and treasure the elderly people in the society.

About us

Act of Caring focuses on the needs of our Senior Citizens. 


Our only focus at Act of Caring is our Senior Citizens. We work with and assist the isolated elders living independently and doing it tough in life due to lack of resources and social life style.

We assist with food, clothing, and finances to cover cost of rents, bills, etc. We do not fund with cost of medical procedures and expenses at this stage as we depend heavily on small businesses to fund our services. We are working on a new program of " Adopt a Parent" in which we find a Sponsor for each elderly parent.

A few of the services we offer include:

Volunteer visits

Food hampers

Social outings

Monthly get-togethers

walk, couple, couple walking

What we offer

We offer

woman, old, senior
We understand requirements

We take time to understand what they express and what their requirements are.

man, old, poor
We work precisely

Our work is transparent as we work with passion and love for our elders.

old man, man, old
We deliver best services

We strive to accomodate any member that approaches Act of Caring.

Act of Caring is all about caring for the elderly.

Their youth was our past and future, let us make our youth their present and future!
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