Walking alongside them in their present,

makes us sense our future.

We are always here for our Senior Citizens…..

Welcome to Act of Caring!

Assisting our beloved Senior Citizens in continuing their life's journey.

Act of Caring is a venture of Holy Trinity Foundation (ABN 18 113 164 692), a registered charity organisation in Australia, New South Wales.

We strive to support our Senior Citizens living independently. While they have walk their paths of life so far, we feel it a priviledge to hold their hands and walk them through their rest of life’s journey.

As a charitable organization, we rely heavily on our sponsors and individual supporters’ generosity. They make a huge impact. Most of our donations come from our Sponsors.

Through Holy Trinity Foundation, we are dedicated to helping you navigate the “Giving cheerfully and accepting gratefully” process.

Every individual, family, group, and organisation may prefer to give in their own way, which is why we can customize your gift and approach to giving in a way that is comfortable for you, your family or business.

Each time our members / donors’ shop with one of our Sponsors, you are giving us better opportunities, in adding more members in our care.

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A bit about what we do

As all our services are purely volunteer and self funded fby our own small business and by the generousity of a couple of other small business owners chipping in. We will be adding to the services we provide as we grow. We try our very best to support every Senior who contacts us for support, to the best of our abilities. Feel free to drop us a message.

Food hampers

We provide weekly, fortnightly and monthly food hampers for our members which our lovely volunteers drive and drop off for those unable to pick up.


A part from regular fortnightly or monthly visits, our volunteers make sure they keep in touch with our seniors by calling them on a weekly basis.


We organise get-togethers filled with activities and either a lunch or dinner for our members on a monthly basis to help them stay connected.


We support the elderly with clothing and bed linen regularly. We also have seamstress who on board who help with custom sewing and alterations for them.

Mobile phone recharge

As part of our services, we like to see our seniors have a mobile phone handy so they can reach our in case of emergency. We cover their monthly recharge as well.

Financial assistance

We do provide a small amount of financial assistance each month which might come in handy for the elders to cost a small amount of cost in their monthly budget.

Be a reason for their smile…

Would you like to be a reason for their smiles?

Head over to our Get Involved page to see how.

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“To care for those who once cared for us is one of the highest honors.”

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